Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unbecoming Snarl Their Way to Fame

A suggestion from M.R.M.:

Emulating scrappiness and hardcore, such as the likes of Sara Palin and Ann Coulter, to convey strength only proves weak character. 

You don't need to shoot your dinner Sara, to impress the world.  Besides we sincerely doubt you ate that fine specimen of nature.  You probably had it stuffed.  Clarity, nobility and strength comes from peace within.  Maybe change your music and do some deep-breathing yoga type relaxation exercises while contemplating your influence on the planet.  

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mrs p said...

Every body loves a rebel but not without a cause. There is something romatic about cheering on a rebel especially when creating the 'appearence' of a worthy cause. But when that cause is merely for ambition, self-promotion & fame, the romance fades quickly.

For MRM, it's not the the singer. Great leaders don't divide and incite; they bring people and countries together for the greater good.