Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mom's Still Mad!!!

Okay....where has mrs p been?   Far far away!   Away from Moms Really Mad since 2011!!!  Twisting in the wind like the rest of the 99%.  But...Yes she's still mad enough to sit down and write a post to the Moms Really Mad blog spot!  Yes she is and Yes she can!

2011 was horrific!  March 2011, Japan's worst earthquake disaster and resulting 3 nuclear meltdowns...(so nicely hidden by the NRC, U.S. Lame Steam Media, et al)!  And including now a 4th leaking reactor which has to have been the end of the Pacific Ocean as we knew it.  Good bye fish, long Ahi Tuna.    

As if there wasn't already enough crappy plastic swirling around in the North Pacific Gere.  Read Plastic Ocean by Captain Charles Moore! 

We are loosing our oceans, rivers and streams to utter lame carelessness.  TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) is completely, a tragic entity.  The world is watching and as we all hope, the greatest most capable science will be applied and soon to stop the bleeding!  U.N. please make this a huge priority!

Meanwhile mrs p is back on track.  Look out Nuclear Bumbling Ba-Foons, Monsanto, Frackers, SeaWorld...and similar ilk...Because Moms Really Mad!!! And mrs p is still part of the askers!  It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!

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