Tuesday, March 26, 2019


No it's not Trader Joe's licorice from New Zealand but that BTW is very stretchy, soft and delicious.  And No it's not the GOOP on your GS.  It's Love.  Yes, we said LOVE.  "You're Still A Young Man, Baaybee, Don't Waste Your Time".  No, don't waste your time on anything but Love. The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. 

The Pied Piper doesn't love you.  He just wants money & power for over inflated ego.  But there's a rising tide of Americans...let's just call them the, Children Of The Revolution.  They're mostly young people all over America who want to SAVE THE PLANET and their country.  Mother Earth is crying out for help.  It's beyond time for some serious changes.  When you lag for so long, when you block good reasonable stuff for so long, (GOP), hard changes are needed so that the ship that's in a nose dive can be pulled out of a disaster.

The Children of the Revolution, as we're calling them, are mostly the youth but there's others.  Many others!  They are comprised of all ages.  They are Americans who stand for TRUTH, FREEDOM, JUSTICE and above all LOVE.  They love their planet and they love their country.  And they won't be fooled.
There is no communist movement the King is fluffing about just more DISINFORMATION, (think about that word and say it several times over), oozing out of the King's foaming mouth and his court jesters foaming mouths.  They can only use FEAR to sway you.  Just like Hitler did. Lies and hateful rhetoric cause Dis-Ease.  You will only suffer if you support disease. A great leader need not brag about himself.  Those who do, should be avoided.  There's no light there.  Just TOXIC WASTE.  Pray for the sick King even though he's selfish and wickedly immoral.

For those of you who are in service to the Toxic Waste Trump, you are complicit in all the disorder and acts of violence he has conjured and continues to generate. Persons hired by the Toxic Waste Trump must do exactly as he says, OR THEY'LL BE FIRED.  They must not think on their own or they will be fired.  If you stay, you're green lighting wickedness. You will only suffer and your family will suffer and your life will be thrown away for nothing but greed.

If you love your country you will join the children of the revolution and you will vote against the evil King and his band of miscreants.  The Truth Will Set You Free.  Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love is like oxygen. It's all you need. So join the Children of the Revolution and stand for Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love. We won't be fooled!  The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to Love and Be Loved in Return. (Quotes from the great musical film Moulon Rouge).

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Toxic Relationships are difficult to dispose of especially if we are not aware that we're in one and not equipped to deal with the sickness.  Many of us are drifting along unconscious just reacting to emotional buttons being pushed.  Time to take a deep breath and reflect.  Least it could destroy you. 

The worst toxic relationship ever, for most of the world, has been exposure to the very manipulating, emotional button-pushing, lying, racist Toxic Trump.  Like a disease, he has spread his infection to others causing great harm, the killing of innocent people and a whole lot of unnecessary suffering which continues every day.  Millions of people are feeling it worldwide and suffering the day to day of this nightmare.  We try not to look at it or hear it but you know it's there.  It's unholy.  Don't try to adjust your TV set, you're in the Twilight Zone. 

I've never been particularly religious but I could feel it coming before the election as his evil agenda unfolded.  Hitler was also proficient at spreading disinformation, fear and pushing emotional buttons of unhappy Germans.  With Toxic Trump, many intuitively knew this thing, this evil thing and its et. al. could not be good for our country and most certainly would not move us forward.  

Toxic Trump, (Drumpf) cannot lead as he is more an anti-christ, a barnacle like an abscess of a universe in the intensive care unit.  Something that develops over time like dry rot but more like brewing poisonous noxious cancer the universe is spitting out.  What did Nostradamus say was coming?  The pied piper with 7 heads?  Unhappy souls can hear what they want to hear as wonderful especially when some guy tells them all their troubles are caused by someone else and to be very afraid.  No man is an island.  There is no magic pill but any normal, decent, self-actualized person knows this is no way to go about accomplishing what our country needs.  Far from it.    

I'm not going to list all the offenses & atrocities against our country, against mankind, against immigrants, against the environment, the earth our home, against patriotic protocol, honor, decency, common sense or the long list of complete rejection of RIGHT HUMAN RELATIONS, as there are far too many and I don't have the patience nor the time for it.  Some things are clear and oh so obvious.  We ARE AT A PIVOTAL TIME IN OUR HISTORY!  This isn't "Rocket Science" as a friend who IS a Rocket Scientist has said.  If your radar for malarkey isn't honed you will suffer by thinking it's all okay.  It's not okay.  The earth is NOT FLAT!  Wall Street is not the Economy!  Capitalism is only good if it doesn't run amuck.  Socialism isn't a bad thing.  Many say, "But I love my country!"  What country would that be?  Do you mean Russia?  The current admin and its band of miscreants doesn't love your country!!!  Only what they can manipulate out of it.  The GOP senate is totally spineless & corrupt.   

Many have been talked into thinking immigrants are a problem.  They are not.  There's plenty of work to be done, plenty of space here.  The problem is how we handle immigration.   Cages of any kind are inhumane.  This admin has been off the charts on sinister behavior towards so many things.  It does not serve the people.  Many of us are suffering mentally & physically because our toxic environment is poisoning us.  Thank you Monsanto.  The EPA has done zero to protect us from increasing pollution.  Monsanto's RoundUp (Glysofosphate) is banned in 38 countries.  Why are we so lax?  Money. 

For those who feel frustrated, angry, displaced, forgotten or cheated by their circumstances, you will never be lifted up or better off by supporting vile unworthy man babies who absolutely positively care nothing for the "little guys" out there.  Don't buy it for one minute. Toxic Drumpf has a proven history of lying and cheating people out of their money and not paying the little guys therefore he is a full blown CHUMP in that regard.  So, why the hell do all these white men over 30 think he's their guy.  He does not give 2 cents for any of you dudes and never will!  Ask your mommy.  She'll set you straight.  Let's not mince words, he and his family are going to suck the life out of everyone and laugh on their way to the bank.  The universe will spit them out eventually.  

However painful it may be the universe will continue to evolve.  Don't waste your life hanging on to this toxic relationship that poisons you into believing you have something to gain by being hateful and racist towards others.  You know, headache, nervousness, anger, blurting out profanity to total strangers, yelling at your TV, foaming at the mouth.  We must evolve and learn hatred is mental illness, a sickness you may never recover from. Just like in the song from South Pacific by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein, "You have to be carefully taught, before you are 6 or 7 or 8, to hate all the people your relatives hate, you have to be carefully taught." Racism is a disease.  It's mental illness. 

Blame is equally useless.  We can always blame something on someone but it never works.  We just have to do your best to fix what's in front of us in an intelligent and thoughtful way.  DO NO HARM.  RESPECT ALL LIFE.  When the color of a man's eyes is no more important than the color of his skin we will have evolved some.  WE'RE NOT THERE.  Take care of what is in front of you and what is on YOUR plate, yourself and your family.  Help others if you can.  Pay attention but try to stay in the moment.  Seek out humor.  Our lives, as my dear friend pointed out to me, are two dates with a dash in between.  What are you going to do with your "dash"?     

Above all, Don't let the Trump Virus get you.  When there's sand in the oyster it can make a pearl.  Be discreet with those you surround yourself with.  Stay away from negative people who drain you.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  What we do in life, echoes in eternity.  We can all pay better attention to the vibe of our lives and "will it" to be better if WE ARE CONSCIOUS.  Be conscious.  Speak up. Listen.  Discuss. Dissolve toxic harmful relationships even if it means you have to be alone.  When doors close others open. When it's time to vote, make your voice heard. Vote!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fukushima Anniversary MARCH 11 - The San Onofre Story

March 11 is the anniversary of the worst Nuclear Disaster in our history!

Please see this link    The San Onofre Story

Every person who lives near a Nuclear Power Plant needs to see this.
Nuclear Power Plants are Dinosaurs! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

THRIVE - What In The World Will It Take?

We love this YouTube video Trailer about the "THRIVE" movement and Thrive Documentary coming out online on 11/11/11!  Wow.  Check it out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inside Job

Moms Really Mad loves the recent Oscar winning documentary film, "Inside Job" narrated by Matt Damon...it's powerful.  A must see if you what to get a perspective on the world you live in and where it's going and where YOU ARE GOING, next.  Check out the trailer for the movie linked above in the title of this post!  The trailer will just get you going...you need to see THE WHOLE THING.  YOU CAN RENT IT FROM NETFLIX.  Wow!  Got Rice?