Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inside Job

Moms Really Mad loves the recent Oscar winning documentary film, "Inside Job" narrated by Matt's powerful.  A must see if you what to get a perspective on the world you live in and where it's going and where YOU ARE GOING, next.  Check out the trailer for the movie linked above in the title of this post!  The trailer will just get you need to see THE WHOLE THING.  YOU CAN RENT IT FROM NETFLIX.  Wow!  Got Rice?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Keep Going Madison, Wisconson 14

Moms Really Mad supports the Madison, Wisconsin 14! 
A little bit of Madison, Wisconsin, is alive all over the country, (and the world)! 

"America Is Not Broke!", Michael Moore's speech to Madison, Wisconsin is on YouTube and linked in the title of this post.  Mom's Really Mad thinks it's a great speech!  It's well worth 29 minutes of your time to listen to what he says.  He is a true leader and patriot.

"There's more of us then there are of them..."!  ...Michael Moore