Friday, July 2, 2010

CRUDE - The Real Price of Oil, 2009 Film

Here's a link to the film's webpage and the film trailer.  Worth a visit!  "CRUDE".

And from Brasschecktv in San Francisco, Adrian Salbuchi, has a short video explaining who really owns British Petroleum - Many familiar sounding names from the U.S. and beyond.  J.P. Morgan Chase for one.    Take note, Peter Sutherland, Goldman Sachs, Dick Cheney, et. al. and the like, the people of the world will never forget who you are and what you've done.


mrs p said...

We just watched, "Blind Spot" last night, rented from Netflix. This one does a good job of putting it all into perspective so thoroughly that there's no, "but what if we?" or "but we'll fix that eventually". No...we won't and we are not. We are most seriously headed in the wrong direction with energy of all sources and the way we live and everything we do. The United States as a whole is massively stupid and ignorant to what is going on and what "we" as a society are doing and where "we" as a culture are headed. mrs p momsreallymad

Anonymous said...

Watching "Crude" tonight, rented from Netflix. A true story about corporate poisoning. BP, et al get a clue! mrs p

Anonymous said...

"Crude" was well worth the watch! It tells the story of 30 K Ecuadorians attempting justice from and for compensation and cleanup of approx. 27 years of Texaco (now Chevron merged) poisoning the Cofan peoples and many others in the Amazon Rain forrests, (the Lungs of the World), by systematically blatently careless reckless dumping of toxic waste from crude stations and "pits" (about 18 million gals of oil spilled) probably more, 17 Hundred square miles of toxic waste. Texaco, of course, denies any wrong doing and plans to exhaust the people in years of lidigation. Now going on 18 years? Texaco managed to get the case moved to Ecuador where everything was corrupt until Correa became el presidente. Also not to celeb gush but Sting and his wife Trudy get involved and public awareness made greater by a lengthy article in "Vanity Fair" with Leonardo Dicaprio on the cover. Partially shown in the film is a 2007 Sting benefit concert, with Cameron Diaz introducing Sting. Another highlight is when Jimmy Smits presents the lead lawyer for the Ecuadorian people, Pablo Mendoza, the CNN Humanitarian Award. Do see this film! Everyone in the Gulf should definately see this film! The case is still pending. mrs p