Monday, March 15, 2010

Shake, Rattle & Roll ~ 8 Pointer Hits California

An 8. something earthquake hits California?  This isn't a prediction, just a reminder!  Got Rice?  Or whatever you can't live without?  We're just sayin...  It's doesn't hurt to have a plan and an emergency backpack. Perhaps a small portable stove, a tent, sleeping bags, water, some instant dehydrated food.  Most camp stores have all the containers and even Target has a camp section.  The month of APRIL is Earthquake Month.  The San Francisco earthquake was April 18th, 1906...must have been there in a past life, as for some reason that date sticks with us.

We've been told it's not a matter of "If" but "When" that we'll have a quake like this. We've been told we're long "Overdue" for "The Big One!" Given the recent large quakes in Haiti and Chile, one who lives in California or any other earthquake prone area must give pause, be reminded & be prepared. If you click on the, Post Title, above or the word "RED" below, it will take you directly to the USGS maps site. You can see all the quakes happening now, just in the last hour in fact, noted in RED.  Thinking of moving to California?  The USGS map might change your mind.

We're not Sizemo's or Geo's but one can't help but notice we're certainly in a shakey highly intense roley-poley atmosphere lately on this planet Earth.  If everyone would just calm down!  Hmmmm...  But can we get a grip on all the internal and external influences that shape our world?  Unlike the animals, our instincts are not honed to nature as well as they should be.  We'd better pay more attention and get ready and perhaps wean ourselves off all the Rx drugs.  You know, be "in training" so to speak.  We're too unconscious most of us--time to be in the Present moment and leave all the trivial stuff behind us as much as possible!  You know, he said, she said,...what happened yesterday is clogging up our brains so badly we can't see today.  Hate radio has us so seriously tangled up in our underwear, we're not functioning over stuff that won't affect us anyway.  So many of us have no variety in where we get our facts...(mostly entertainment-opinion, not facts), so much of it being useless information from suits only interested in selling ad time.

If you're in California, it wouldn't be a waste of time to check out the many available suggestions on what to do in an earthquake and how to survive.  Google this:  "Triangle of Life".  The Triangle of Life is a controversial theory advocated by Doug Copp about how to survive a major earthquake. It is intended to replace the traditional...personally we think he knows what he's talking about, if you consider his experience.

And here's one from the SOC: (State of California).  Certainly not the last word on survival but it's a start.  And remember to check out those quakes at the USGS website by clicking on the "Red."  Interesting pattern taking shape there?  SOC earthquake info:


freeacre said...

Duck and cover, mrs.p! I've read recently that it's better to crouch next to a solid piece of furniture or something rather than get underneath a table or doorway in an earthquake. It seems protective pockets are formed against solid things, but if you are under something it is more likely to collapse on top of you. Sure been a lot of quakes in your neighborhood. I have a step-daughter and 2 grandsons in Eureka, too, that I hope the best for. Jeez!
All the Best.

Anonymous said...

Yes I guess the standard has changed a bit...the old duck under the table isn't so smart any more.
I guess the new thing is called the "Triangle of Life". mrsp

Anonymous said...

Easter Sunday, April 4th, around 3:40 initial reports from USGS said 6.9 in Baja, CA which was later upgraded to a 7.2. It was felt far and wide from the epicenter and we certainly felt it here in San Diego County. As of this a.m., (2 days later), we are still having a great deal of activity much of which is not on the same fault as the 7.2 and it has spread North towards the San Andreas. Hundreds of small quakes in the Ocatillo Wells area which seems to be another area of activity all its own. Not sure what to make of it. Still having activity about every few minutes or so in S. CA and Baja, CA. Hang on everyone! And get ready for the next big one!
mrs p