Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Regulators Approve First Offshore Wind Farm in U.S.

We couldn't resist commenting on place-holder Republican talking head suit, Scott Brown, protesting the decision to approve the wind farm due to hurting tourism.  Just as in the style of a character out of a movie; like JAWS for instance.  Remember in JAWS, when the sheriff, (actor Roy Scheider), wanted to close the beach to prevent JAWS from eating the tourists and townspeople but the Mayor, (played by popular actor Murry Hamilton), insisted the beaches stay open so not to hurt tourism.

Regulators Approve First Offshore Wind Farm in U.S. - Readers' Comments -

"Finally! Bravo...a few decades late but at least it's a start. Get over the anal appearance thing already! When the lights go out completely, which most definitely isn't that far off! ...there might be tourism again! Scott Brown, the opposition, appears so hokey, reminding us of the typical backward-thinking Republican character portrayed in the film, 'Jaws'. It has to be better than drooling over every drop of oil off our coastlines so much that we're willing to die for it. Can you smell or see the oil spill over there yet, Scott?"


Anonymous said...

Wind power! It may kill a bird but it won't kill an ocean and everything in it! mrs p

Anonymous said...

Someday when 95% of us are groveling in a soup line in the dark, we'll look back on our stuborness about transitioning to alternatives and our lack of enthusiasum over solar as foolish backward regressive blockheadedness, like crying babies hooked on a binky. And meanwhile those who profit hugely from our ignorance are loving the life luxurious stashing their cash and their futures offshore. Just like Goldman Sachs Meg Whitman with her millions in the Caymans. Where's that thing you call "Democracy"? Not seeing it!